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house with curb appeal





National Association of Realtors indicated that 63% of homebuyers will drop-by to a house, which is visually appealing.  Curb appeal is a beautiful thing!  It is beneficial for a variety of reasons:


  • You may be considering selling your home
  • You may be considering purchasing a home
  • You may just want to have a beautiful environment in your biggest investment yet, your home.


Here are some strategies to increase the curb appeal of your home


Dress Up the Front Door

An appealing door can add instant appeal to your home and can be a focal point.  You can create a welcoming appearance by simply painting the front door.  You can paint the door a bright color and, update fixtures, house numbers, and/or add a brass kick plate.  You can also consider installing a custom door with glass lights, or a wooden door.  Lastly consider a simple, but elegant wreath.


Add Window Shutters


Consider adding shutters to your home.  This addition can be beautiful and functional.  Shutters can frame your windows, control light, and add ventilation and security.  It is also very inexpensive and low maintenance.  There are many colors, and options for low maintenance such as fiberglass, PVC resins, composite, or vinyl selections.


 Add Outdoor Lighting and symmetry


Here are two very quick and relatively inexpensive options that can offer instant appeal to your home.  Outdoor lighting added to your walkway, frontal aspect of your home, and trees can provide safety and security, in addition to curb appeal.  There are solar options for very polished and do-it-yourself process to highlight a walkway and/or front of the home.  Symmetry is accomplished by adding matching urns with plants and lighting on both sides of your front door.


Outdoor Garden and Window Boxes


Consider replanting your garden beds, pruning, weeding, mulching, and adding eye appealing color with annuals and perennial flowerbeds to minimize labor.  Consider adding a border for a more defined look and adding cute garden art, like gazing balls, flags, and tasteful small statues to express your personality and create opportunities for that well-manicured look.  Window boxes can create additional curb appeal with color and contrast.  Be sure to select plants and flowers that will match your color scheme and lighting conditions.



Dress up your Mailbox

This can add a welcoming appeal and offer insight to your personality.  Be sure to choose a mailbox that is complimentary to your home’s exterior.  Make sure that it is in good repair and attempt to match the post back to your home’s trim.  Consider a mailbox flag, drape, and/or consider surrounding it by beautiful flowers.


These are some suggestions that are cost effective, efficient in time and cost that you can do to dress your home up, add personality and charm, or just enjoy your environment.


Stand Up Homes, LLC is a real estate redevelopment company that is invested in community revitalization, adding value, and helping distressed homes return to their original glory.  Call us if you are considering selling your home as we can buy your home quickly.




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